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Monday, December 21, 2015
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These days  if you're having friends over, they'll probably ask to log into your Wi-Fi network before asking for a drink. But if you've forgotten your password, it can be quite hard to find, since most devices obscure the characters with asterisks.
But it honestly doesn't take much technical know-how to find a lost Wi-Fi password, as long as you have access to the router or at least one device connected to the network. So below, I'll go over the easiest ways to find your lost Wi-Fi password with Windows, Mac, or Android, as well as a pair of additional methods that don't require a connected device.
Note that there is no way to view saved Wi-Fi passwords on an iPhone, unless you're jailbroken, then you can use a Cydia app like NetworkList, which works for iOS 6 and higher.

Windows Method

If you've connected a Windows PC to the same Wi-Fi network in the past, it should be fairly simple to find the Wi-Fi password. To begin, open the Start menu (or press the Windows button on your keyboard), then type "View network connections" and hit enter.
From here, find the connection labeled "Wi-Fi" in the following menu. Right-click this entry, then choose the "Status" option.
On the menu that pops up next, simply click the "Wireless Properties" button.
From here, another window will pop up. Head over to the Security tab in this window, then tick the box next to "Show characters." Once you've done that, the Wi-Fi network's password will be visible plain as day.

Mac OS X Method

If you have a MacBook or any other Apple computer and it's currently connected to this Wi-Fi network, finding the saved password is easy. First, open the Finder app, then click the Applications entry in the left-hand pane. From here, open the Utilities folder in the main window.
Next, launch the "Keychain" utility, which has an icon that looks like a set of keys.
From here, make sure "System" is selected and "Passwords" is highlighted as the category in the left-hand pane. Next, simply locate your router in the list, then double-click the entry.
In the window that pops up next, tick the box next to "Show password," and your Wi-Fi password will be displayed. You will probably have to input your admin username and password in order to unlock it.

Android Method

Android doesn't allow you to view saved passwords natively, but if you're a rooted user, a simple and effective app will get around this issue in a few simple taps. The app is called WiFi Key Recovery, and I've covered it in detail with a full tutorial, so head to the link below for more information.

Router Method

If you have a router from your internet provider, chances are it has the default network name and password printed right on the router's label somewhere (look for SSID or ESSID, and WPA, WPA2, etc.). This only works if you haven't changed the default login information (which you should have!), so skip below for a way to get your Wi-Fi password.

Router Logon Method

For this next method to work, your computer will need to be connected directly to your router with an Ethernet cable if you're not already connected to it via Wi-Fi. Once you've taken care of that, if necessary, simply enter your router's IP address into any web browser. For all common router brands, one of the following 3 addresses should work, but note that if you've manually changed your router's default IP address, you'll have to enter that instead:
  • (Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, and more)
  • (Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, Actiontec, and more)
  • (Linksys and more)
Once you've typed in your router's address, you'll be prompted to enter the user name and password. If you already know this information, go ahead and type in in now.
If you're not sure about your router's login information, chances are it's still set to the default. For most routers, you can find the default login information printed on a sticker on the bottom or side of the unit. Look for "user name" and "password," and don't confuse it with the network name and password, if that's on it, like mentioned in the section above. Type this information into the popup on your browser to log in.
Once you've logged into your router, you'll be greeted by a pretty straightforward interface. This interface will vary depending on your router, though, so you may have to poke around a bit to find the information you're looking for.
With most routers, there should be an entry labeled either "Wireless" or "Wi-Fi." Click this entry, then you should see your Wi-Fi network's password (or "passphrase") listed in plain text.

Router Reset Method

If you're not able to log into your router for any reason, a last resort method for connecting to your Wi-Fi network would be to reset your router to its factory settings. Keep in mind, though, that getting your router and Wi-Fi network set up again after resetting may require that you have a computer physically connected to the router via Ethernet.
To reset your router, look for a small button labeled "Reset" or "Restore Factory Settings." In some cases, you may need a paper clip or safety pin to access this button if it is recessed. Press and hold this button for 5 seconds, then release.
Next, give your router up to 5 minutes to restore its factory settings. When it's done with this process, you should be able to log into your router with any computer that is connected via Ethernet, which will allow you to enter a new Wi-Fi password of your choosing. For more information on logging into your router, see the "Router Logon Method" section above.

Which of these methods ended up working for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

By Pelumi JP
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The 14-month old explosion victim of Islamist group, Boko Haram, Baby Aishat Ibrahim, has successfully gone through reconstructive surgery. 
According to The Nation, Nigeria-born U.S-based surgeon, Professor Ferdinand Ofodile led the team that conducted the surgery in a four-hour successful operation. Also in the team are Dr. Chubado Tahir from the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital and Dr. Cefas Nbaya of the National Hospital, Abuja.

On Sunday, December 20, Osinbajo paid an unscheduled visit to check on the recovery status of the babyin the company of his wife, Dolapo Osinbajo.
The Osinbajos visit to Baby Aishat yesterday
Speaking with journalists during the visit of the Osinbajos, Ofodile said: ”We reconstructed her eyelids by adding flesh from the thigh, and we also did a skin graft to the left arm, freeing it, from its attachment at the armpit caused by the explosion.
”She sustained extensive burns to the eye, the face and the chest. She also sustained injuries in the left arm and armpit “resulting in the arm being fixed to the body and eyelids destroyed.”
Ofodile, a clinical professor of surgery at Columbia University, New York, stated it would take about six months for Aishat’s full recovery, but explained that if the eyelids were not reconstructed it could cause the outright loss of the eyes.
File photo of Baby Aishat and her mum
He said: “When I saw her on Friday, the upper lid was turned inside out. If this was not fixed, over time the eye itself would be lost due to unprotected exposure. So we saved the eyelids and globe by adding skin to the eye lids-upper and lower.”
Ofodile said the team “released the armpit so Aishat can lift up her left arm and recover the full use of her shoulder”. He also informed the journalists that further surgical operations would be done in the future to improve the baby’s conditions.
Aishat’s parents, Mr and Mrs Ibrahim Goni Lawani,  thanked  Osinbajo who paid for the cost of the operation. He said: ”God touched the Vice President to help our child. We thank President Buhari and the VP, may God bless them and make them remained focussed on why God brought them to power.”
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Twelve Obstacles In Building Wealth And Fortune

Believe it or not, you are not supposed to be poor. Living in lack, begging, borrowing from paycheck to paycheck and swimming in debt was not the Creator’s plan when He made man. Man was supposed to dominate his environment but sadly today more than three quarters of the Earth’s population live in extreme poverty.
Poverty was my reality until I discovered the source of true wealth and riches. By true wealth and riches I am not referring to gold, or other rich mineral deposits that can be found in the earth. The source of true wealth and riches is the mind, from where every great wealth emanates from. Wealth has to be thought of first before it becomes reality. In other words, it is the thought that produces wealth.
Now for the mind to be able to effectively kickstart the process of wealth creation, it must be free of limiting beliefs. These limiting beliefs are falsehoods that we have come to believe as true. This causes many people to fail to achieve their financial potential because it is what you believe that becomes your reality. Below, I list twelve of such limiting beliefs that held me back from financial success in the past.
Limiting belief number one for me was that riches are the result of spiritual activity. I thought that in order to become wealthy, all I needed to do was to fast and pray, attend church programs and vigils, and, voilĂ , my efforts would lead to financial breakthrough. No way. This does not work! In fact, most of the richest people in the world are the least religious with very few believing that God exists. Spiritual activity can only point one in the right direction as to what needs doing, it can’t produce wealth by itself.
Lack of connections was the second limiting belief that I felt was a hindrance to becoming wealthy. I believed that I needed to know the right people who would help me achieve my goals, and not having any connections meant I could never become wealthy. How wrong I was! Nobody is born with connections; rather, they are the result of years of deliberate cultivation. As I continued to work hard and build relationships, I gradually started building my network of contacts and they eventually became my connections and have assisted me on the way up the financial ladder. You too can do the same.
Third, it is not possible to “make it” in Nigeria. I need to relocate abroad in order to make it. That is a lie. Go to international airports and see the amount of foreigners trooping into Nigeria on a daily basis. They are not here for sightseeing. Even the international business community sees Nigeria as a huge investment opportunity that many want to cash in on. Can this be the same Nigeria that I wanted to run out of that many people were running to? This land is truly green with opportunity. I am now making it in Nigeria.
Fourth, the rich are lucky. They had luck on their side, and poor me didn’t qualify to be part of the lucky stakes. Now I know better. There is no such thing as luck, rather there are favourable situations that can benefit you when opportunity comes and you are prepared for it. I kept preparing and preparing and one day things fell in place like clockwork. My opportunity came and because I was prepared I was able to grab it with both hands.
The fifth limiting belief was lack of capital. I believed that without money, I could not take advantage of opportunities that came my way. I find that this is one of the major limiting beliefs hindering many people from building wealth. In order to defeat this, I pursued my dreams on a small scale for starters, sought for funds from friends and loved ones and even put some of my dreams on hold while saving startup money. Lack of money is not an excuse not to start something.
Self-limiting belief number six is the famous saying: “Opportunity knocks but once”. I used to believe this statement, which alluded to the fact that missed opportunities never return. With all due respect to the author of this statement, I have discovered that lost opportunities do return, however in another form. Opportunity will keep knocking and knocking and sooner or later as long as I was prepared I would be able to take advantage.
Harnessing the power of my imagination was the seventh self-limiting belief that was causing me not to progress financially. There is a lot of power in one’s imagination. The imagination is the eye of the mind that helps you first internalize what you want to see in your life. In other words, I needed to imagine myself as wealthy and successful in my mind before I could attain it. Unfortunately, my mind chose to internalize my poor state instead. It was when I started focusing on the right images that things began to improve.
Eighth, I was very guilty of underestimating my abilities regarding success and wealth creation. When you believe that you are an undeserving and unworthy candidate for wealth, then wealth wants to be far away from such a person. I came to myself and replaced those thoughts with positive and proper ones proclaiming the fact that I deserved to be rich. It was my place to control financial resources and I was as good as anyone trying hard to build wealth.
Ninth, the current economic situation could be such a major hindrance. I was wont to believe that wealth and riches cannot be amassed during times of economic crisis and recession. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is in times of adversity and challenges that some rise to the occasion thereby creating wealth for themselves. Economic crisis may be fraught with challenges but it is also a time of opportunity. I do not let the current economic situation dampen my morale or cause me to believe that it is impossible to be wealthy.
By far one of the strongest self-limiting beliefs I had to contend with was the fact that no one in my family had amassed massive wealth and fortune. What are the chances of succeeding when no one else in my lineage was up to the task? I was only able to defeat this notion of not succeeding by reading books of many successful people. In my studies I was pleasantly surprised to learn that many of today’s financial successes are also the first people in their families to amass stupendous fortune. If they could do it then I could too.
Self-limiting belief number eleven strives to make it clear that one cannot succeed without being fraudulent or engaging in criminal acts. It seeks to demonise everyone who is wealthy as being involved in one shady activity or the other. In fact it maintains that wealth abstains from those who are honest and upright in their dealings. Again it was while studying the lives of rich people that I found that there are many honest and upright rich people in our society. It is just that they are not often celebrated. Their stories made me believe it is possible to make wealth the right way.
My twelfth self-limiting belief concerns my desire and dream to amass wealth. I used to think that amassing lots of money was evil and would cause me to lose focus and compromise my faith and principles. Our society paints the picture of the rich as greedy and desperate people who keep wanting more and more. The truth is there’s nothing wrong in desiring plenty of money. Where wrong enters is when you compromise to get it and you love it more than anything else in your life.  As long as I kept my motives grounded and did not let money become god in my life I was free to gather as much as I could.
The mind is a battleground. If you desire wealth then you must infuse the mind with wealthy thoughts and beliefs; failure to do so will cause you to stagnate financially. There is usually something holding us back from going after our goals and achieving our potential right in our minds. Once we can identify and neutralize these self-limiting beliefs we are well on our way to achieving wealth.
This list is by no means exhaustive so I urge you to take time out now and examine everything you believe about money. List them down and engage in a painstaking review of each one and make the necessary changes should you discover any self-limiting beliefs. I make bold to declare that one of the major reasons you are not rich today is because you have the wrong, limiting beliefs about money operating in your life at the moment.

By Pelumi JP
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Photos of a 52-year old Nigerian woman who married for the first time surfaced on the internet recently.
According to the Facebook page, Salvation Ministries, that shared the good news and photos, the unidentified beautiful woman married. The page, in a bid to showcase God’s goodness shared the new couple’s photos, saying;
“52 year old woman got married for the first time to her 56 year old husband. My God bless you today! He confirmeth the words of His servant @david_Ibiyeomie To God alone be all the Glory and praise”. And also:

With confirmation to Papa’s Prophecy, this woman, a 52 year old got married to a 56 year old man @The Kingdom Arena of Salvation Ministries. God is never too late for a Miracle. The God of @david_Ibiyeomie that has done this do greater things in your life. Wow!!! ‪#‎DavidIbiyeomie‬ ‪#‎ContinuousProgress‬ ‪#‎MiracleWeddings‬ ‪#‎5NightsOfGlory‬ #5NightsOfGlory #5NightsOfGlory #5NightsOfGlory #5NightsOfGlory
See photos below:

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Friday, December 18, 2015
Blogger Tip - How to Post Blogger Automatically to Facebook

Facebook Logo
When I started this post I had the preconceived notion that automatically posting from Blogger to Facebook would not be an issue at all. For some reason in the back of my mind this was as simple as using email notification to the Facebook email-to-post feature, or using Google's Feedburner.

Well, I was quite wrong about this. Trying to use the email-to-post feature in Facebook only added the blog name and title to my Facebook wall with no content or links. From Feedburner, it looked like Facebook might work but they're only supporting Twitter in their socialize feature.

Now, there are a number of Facebook plug-ins such as RSS Graffiti you can use to grab your blogger RSS feed and post it to your wall. However, I found another tool so useful that I think this might be the easiest path for anyone to use.

If This then That - or, If Blogger then Facebook

A new online utility has appeared that can simply move your social postings around between sites called (or, in other words, If This, Then That). It is so incredibly intuitive and easy to use that I had no issues setting it up.

I won't lead you on how to setup an account - you'll just need a user name and password - that's very easy to do. As you start you'll just need to activate and register your Blogger account and select your desired blog like this:

Activate your Blogger account

And then tie your Blogger blog to the IFTTT account:

Tie your Blogger Blog to IFTTT
Once registered your first step is to 'Create a Recipe' - and in our case it is going to be from Blogger to Facebook:


Simply click on the blue 'this' text to select Blogger as you source choice:

Selecting Blogger as the This Choice

You can see that there are many options for source - I've highligted the Blogger button. Next, just 'Choose a Trigger' type. In this case we want new Posts to be published to Facebook. However, you might want the second label option:

Posting from Blogger for Any New Post
Go ahead and select 'Any new post' for now. Now you will see the Trigger that will kick off the event.

Blogger Trigger to Post

Just select the 'Create Trigger' button to continue. You're going to be directed now to the action that occurs when you trigger off a Blogger Post. Just select the 'that' blue link to continue:

Now you'll see the full list again of social media sites. There are some great options here - but, for our tutorial just click on the 'Facebook' icon:

If this is your first time into IFTTT then you'll need to register your Facebook account much like how you did your Blogger account. Be sure you're logged into your desired Facebook account first.

Activate your Facebook account

Now you'll have to make a selection if you want the Blogger post to be fully copied to Facebook, or, just a link back to the blog. I prefer the second option 'Create a link post'  - but you make your choice:

Triggering an Action to Post to Facebook

This is the tricky part - how you want the message formatted on your Facebook page. You can certainly experiment with this - but, you'll want to Create an Action that has the URL in the link field and the subject with your own text mixed with your blog post:

Action Fields for Facebook Wall

Just press 'Create Action' when done and you should have something like this:

Final Blogger to Facebook Action
You can see I used the PostContent field - but, you certainly don't have to fill your wall with the full Blogger post.  Your connection is now ready!!

If Blogger then Facebook

Now that your link is active you can test it by posting to Blogger, then jumping over to and clicking on the Recipe you just created and selecting the 'Check' button on the right side of the screen like so:

This normally runs every 15 minutes - but, by clicking on Check your post will appear on Facebook in seconds.

A Great tool in my mind!  Enjoy!! - Pelumi JP
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015
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The Rise of Facebook

In 2005, Zuckerberg's enterprise received a huge boost from the venture capital firm Accel Partners. Accel invested $12.7 million into the network, which at the time was open only to ivy league students.

Zuckerberg's company then granted access to other colleges, high school and international schools, pushing the site's membership to more than 5.5 million users by December 2005. The site then began attracting the interest of other companies, who wanted to advertize with the popular social hub. Not wanting to sell out, Zuckerberg turned down offers from companies such as Yahoo! and MTV Networks. Instead, he focused on expanding the site, opening up his project to outside developers and adding more features.
 Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg seemed to be going nowhere but up, however in 2006, the business mogul faced his first big hurdle. The creators of Harvard Connection claimed that Zuckerberg stole their idea, and insisted the software developer needed to pay for their business losses. Zuckerberg maintained that the ideas were based on two very different types of social networks but, after lawyers searched Zuckerberg's records, incriminating Instant Messages revealed that Zuckerberg may have intentionally stolen the intellectual property of Harvard Connection and offered Facebook users' private information to his friends.

Zuckerberg later apologized for the incriminating messages, saying he regretted them. "If you're going to go on to build a service that is influential and that a lot of people rely on, then you need to be mature, right?" he said in an interview with The New Yorker. "I think I've grown and learned a lot."
Although an initial settlement of $65 million was reached between the two parties, the legal dispute over the matter continued well into 2011, after Narendra and the Winklevosses claimed they were misled in regards to the value of their stock.

Zuckerberg faced yet another personal challenge when the 2009 book The Accidental Billionaires, by writer Ben Mezrich, hit stores. Mezrich was heavily criticized for his re-telling of Zuckerberg's story, which used invented scenes, re-imagined dialogue and fictional characters. Regardless of how true-to-life the story was, Mezrich managed to sell the rights of the tale to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, and the critically acclaimed film The Social Network received eight Academy Award nominations.

Zuckerberg objected strongly to the film's narrative, and later told a reporter at The New Yorker that many of the details in the film were inaccurate. For example, Zuckerberg has been dating longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan, a Chinese-American medical student he met at Harvard, since 2003. He also said he never had interest in joining any of the final clubs. "It's interesting what stuff they focused on getting right; like, every single shirt and fleece that I had in that movie is actually a shirt or fleece that I own," Zuckerberg told a reporter at a start-up conference in 2010. "So there's all this stuff that they got wrong and a bunch of random details that they got right."
Yet Zuckerberg and Facebook continued to succeed, in spite of the criticism. Time magazine named him Person of the Year in 2010, and Vanity Fair placed him at the top of their New Establishment list. Forbes also ranked Zuckerberg at No. 35—beating out Apple CEO Steve Jobs—on its "400" list, estimating his net worth to be $6.9 billion Paul Pelumi
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