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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Win $20 weekly on photo contest & Freebies



Do you think you are photogenic? Do you know that photos are expensive? gives you an opportunity to show case your photos weekly and win $20. Yes, every week you stand a chance to go home with $20 if your photo gets the highest votes of the week.

How to Participate:
Sign up on

Click on photo contest and post your beautiful photos

Invite your friends from Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp etc. to vote for your photos.

The photo with the highest votes wins the prize for the week.

Also on, you can put smiles on someone face by sharing your freebies with the community members. Do you have good used or new items like phones, tablets, clothing materials, electronic gadgets, etc.? is a platform to reach out to people this yuletide season.

Religious organizations can leverage on this for outreaches and membership growth strategies.

NGO’s can sign up on and have access to numerous freebies for their humanitarian activities.
Corporate organization are not left out on the freebies for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.
Individuals that have some clothing materials, used phones and gadgets they are no longer using can share these items with community members on
Sign up on and enjoy a life of unlimited possibilities.
Also remember that thousands of members are paid daily for their social activities and you ca also top up your airtime from your daily earnings.

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